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About Us

Our Vision is that no one goes hungry in Merced and Mariposa Counties.

MCFB’s mission is:

  • To improve the health and well-being of Merced & Mariposa County residents affected by hunger;  through the acquisition, storage, and distribution of nutritious food.
  • To provide and advocate for, increased access to, and consumption of, nutritious fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other foods.
  • To integrate, facilitate and advocate for programs and services that address hunger’s underlying and related issues.

To fulfill our mission, we source and distribute food and other products to those in need with the help of partnering agencies and MCFB programs. We also conduct hunger education and awareness campaigns and advocate for public policies that alleviate hunger.

The Merced County Food Bank is a private non-profit organization that grew out of community collaboration to feed the hungry in Merced County.

Since 2004, MCFB has distributed more than 70 million pounds of food. We provide food to nearly 45,000 people every month and in FY 2023 we distributed 6 million meals–that’s more than 7.4 million pounds of food.

MCFB collects food from hundreds of resources, which – with the help of 3,300 volunteers annually – we distribute through a network of more than 90 partner agencies. 92 percent of revenue raised goes directly to programs.

You can help fulfil the mission of MCFB when you donate today.


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