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Vision & Values


Through the act of harvesting and sharing food, we connect and nourish our community to build stronger relationships and a deeper appreciation for our food and our neighbors who need it.


Healthy Food For All. We live in an area of agricultural abundance, yet there are many people in Merced and Mariposa Counties that go hungry. We believe in simple solutions such as harvesting extra produce and getting it to our neighbors in need.

Reduce Waste. “Glean, Grow, Give” promotes the highest use of wholesome unmarketable food and reduces hunger and waste by using technology, social media and strategic investment to help bridge the hurdles that result in food waste.

Gleaning Grows Communities. We create opportunities for a diverse array of people to collaborate and celebrate the act of harvesting and sharing nutritious food. By working together and sharing ideas we discover our broader sense of connection and common purpose.

Knowledge Empowers. We believe that through collaborations and sharing ideas we can inspire a healthier food culture.

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