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Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP)

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (also known as USDA Commodities) is a federal program that provides monthly food packages to individuals and families who meet income guidelines set by the federal government (see below).

The Food Bank administers the program and distributes USDA-provided food to nearly 8,000 individuals at more than 24 distribution sites every month throughout Merced and Mariposa Counties.

Income Guidelines

To see if you meet the income guidelines for this program, please refer to the income chart below:

Household Size Monthly Household Income Annual Household Income
1 $ 1,485.00 $ 17,820
2 $ 2,002.50 $ 24,030
3 $ 2,520.00 $ 30,240
4 $ 3,037.50 $ 36,450
5 $ 3,555.00 $ 42,660
6 $ 4,072.50 $ 48,870
7 $ 4,591.25 $ 55,095
8 $ 5,111.25 $ 61,335
9 $ 5,631.25 $ 67,575
10 $ 6,151.25 $ 73,815
Over 10 add $ 520.00 each add $ 6,240 each

How to sign up for the program

  1. Call to see if you qualify, and get the address of your nearest distribution site.

    To see if you qualify for the program, call us at (209) 726-3663. If you qualify for the program based on the income guidelines outlined above, we will inform you of the location of the nearest food distribution site based on your zip code.

  2. Visit the food distribution site and sign up for the program.

    Go to your nearest food distribution site. At the site you will be asked to give your name and address; self-certify that you meet the household income guidelines; and state the number of people living in your household.


After signing up, you will be entitled to receive a monthly food package from the nearest distribution site within your zip code on the allocated food distribution day every month.

Typical food package

Food items vary from month to month. A typical EFAP package will include: canned vegetables, canned soups, canned fruit juice, canned fruits, canned meats, spaghetti, rice, beans and frozen food items.

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